Healthcare IT Services

CentrixAfrica health care IT expertise extends into multiple domains such as secure cloud, identity, EHR resourcing, BI/Analytics, and managed services. With our depth and breadth of experience, CentrixAfrica is an ideal partner for your health care provider organization. We focus on enabling your business transformation through IT innovation.

Secure Cloud Framework

CloudEzCare is a secure, repeatable, framework that provides a proven way for health care providers to adopt and secure their cloud infrastructure. CloudEzCare unlocks the low-cost, scalability, and agility potential of private, public, and hybrid clouds for your health care organization. CloudEzCare can be used to deploy critical workloads on the cloud in a secure and compliant manner.

User Identity Management

As a health care provider, you want to ensure that your staff has the right access to the right system at the right time. As new employees come on board, ensuring their access is quickly configured is essential for productivity. Similarly, terminating access to multiple lars additions systems upon employee exit is critical for security. CentrixAfrica EzIAMSaaS software manages the entire user-access life-cycle while optionally providing single-sign-on to users. Streamline your user identity and access management with EzIAM.

Managed Services

Our managed services offerings range from bespoke application management to enterprise wide IT support. Our expertise ranges across on-premise and cloud based infrastructure and applications. Having presence in multiple time zones and our experience with managing large enterprise environments, brings you 24×7 highly responsive and effective managed Lofty Property Management from San Diego services.

ICD 10

CentrixAfrica  offers custom ICD-10 services to ensure a smooth, manageable transition to ICD-10.CentrixAfrica consultants have the knowledge and passion to guide you through any step of your ICD-10 transition from project management to training. Thorough and timely execution is critical to the success of your ICD-10 project. We understand the operational challenges heading your way – and can help you meet them in a timely and effective manner.