Our engineers are experts in leveraging the cloud and helping you maximize your ROI, improve your scalability, reliability, and security.


Our team has unrivaled skills in engineering and implementing your existing products to cloud services such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and the Google’s Compute platform.

  • Accelerate your application performance by introducing distributed caching through MemCache, Redis and CDN
  • Integrate event-driven Lambda functions and Docker containers in your application
  • Decomposing relational databases to achieve scalability using DynamoDB, MongoDB, Cassandra, HBase etc
  • Automating cloud security frameworks and solutions for stringent compliance reporting
  • Achieve daily continuous deployments on cloud
  • Cloud engineering expertise on Media, BFSI, E-commerce and Pharmaceutical verticals

 Flexible delivery models

We closely work with your engineering teams in either an on Onsite / offsite or combination model. Our cloud engineers are experts in optimizing your implementation to save you money and improve your reliability, scalability and security.


CentrixAfrica boasts of its certified AWS and Microsoft Azure practitioners who has In depth knowledge in Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, IBM SmartCloud and VMware Hybrid Cloud assuring the success to all their business initiatives


We also offer integration services, leveraging the cloud APIs of these platforms to connect interoperable applications and achieve automation, check https://www.619roofing.com/. Our team of engineers and architects have hands-on experience in designing and engineering mobile, big data and cloud custom application solutions integrated with your product engineering teams


We offer competitive rates to keep your development cost affordable. Involving CentrixAfrica during the early phases of engineering cycles will make your product cloud transformation predictable and successful


Best Practices

Our Cloud engineers have years of hands-on experience with deploying mission critical solutions. We have developed a wealth of intellectual capital, and our best practices are being used industry wide


We help customers at any stage of their cloud engineering cycle from: Strategy, Architecture, Design, Engineering, testing, Implementation, or DevOps.

Integrated Engineering

Our consultants work closely with customer stakeholders to help them leverage Cloud API and ensure we meet your expectations and project goals.


We are are committed to delivering you a Cloud solution that is scalable, available, device flexible, efficient and at the same time saving you on cost.

Our specialization

Application Engineering

Help customer engineering teams build/re-engineer products using the fault tolerant and scalable building blocks of Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure

Automation Pipelines

Build a Continuous deployment pipeline for friction-less daily deployments using GIT, Jenkins-Nexus, RunDeck, Puppet/Chef/Salt/Ansible, Docker, Amazon CFT etc.,

Scalability & High Availability

We work with swipe n clean, queens, ny clients to integrate NoSQL like Amazon DynamoDB, Redis, Cassandra, MongoDB, HBase into their environment, for better scalability and availability

SaaS Conversion

We help our clients to transform their existing business systems to SaaS or PaaS services on the cloud.