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Cloud Transformation

Struggling with your cloud transformation? CentrixAfrica can guide you through the key challenges

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Managed Services

Shrinking budgets and dwindling resources can be a crushing burden on your staff. Turning to managed…

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Big Data Analytics

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Identity Management

Our advisory services team are experts in identity and understand the complexity of managing


Healthcare IT Services

Our managed services offerings range from application management to enterprise wide IT support.

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EHR Consulting

CentrixAfrica Healthcare Consultants bring to the table extensive EHR Consulting knowledge fuelled by continuing education and hands on experience.

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Healthcare IT Products/Solutions

CentrixAfrica’ health care IT expertise extends into multiple domains such as secure cloud, identity, EHR resourcing, BI/Analytics and EHR Audit.

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The Public cloud is changing everything for Pharmaceutical organizations. It is helping Life Sciences companies change the way drugs are developed and brought to market. Analysts estimate Pharmaceutical data is doubling every six months and the need for collaboration is ever growing. Pharmaceutical companies are realizing that their dependencies on legacy infrastructure is hindering their ability to compete.
Life Science and Pharmaceutical companies need to meet Compliance requirements such as GxP, GAMP, HIPAA etc. For adopting such workloads on public cloud, various industry bodies are recommending Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure as preferred providers due to the fact they have various industry certifications such as SOC1/SOC2, HIPAA, PCI, FEDRAMP, ISO 27001, etc.
The question is, can Pharma take advantage of this disruptive cloud technology? Pharma environments are very sensitive and need to be highly secure. There are legal requirements that have to be considered. Is Public Cloud the appropriate environment for Pharma?
Born in cloud, CentrixAfrica is a third party audited AWS Managed Services provider, preferred Health & Life Sciences Competency Partner delivering services to premium pharma customers around the world. Having assisted some leading Pharma giants, we understand the challenges of a Pharma company in moving to a secure cloud environment with GxP compliance. We have purpose built CloudEzRx solution for Pharmaceutical and Lifesciences customers to securely embrace public cloud. The platform defines a enterprise wide solution for enabling the consumption of Cloud Services, by consumers in a self-service and automated manner inside a Pharma & Lifesciences enterprise.

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